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HATS Players
Keo Huynh Age: 58
HATS introduced us to action theatre and to a different way in which to relate to the community. Working with HATS has made me more confident and comfortable speaking out in public.
Ana Furtado Age: 77
When I was a child I dreamed of acting and socializing with many people, but life was hard and I didn't get the opportunity to live my dream until 12 years ago when I got involved with St. Christopher House. Today, working with HATS, I have all that and more! I enjoy working with HATS and will never leave St. Christopher House!
Emilia Leit� Age: 74
I have been a volunteer with SCH for 16 years and a member of PW55+. My experience with HATS has encouraged me to approach life differently. I enjoy my self more, and am more likely to enjoy social interactions- even more so than when I was 20! Now I am able to teach others what I have learned with HATS.
Filomena Alves
In 1991, I came to St. Christopher House for help and today I give back! I volunteer with Friendly Visiting and participate in many other activities, including HATS. The only act I played was being a cook, but after joining HATS I had the opportunity to play various roles and learn about various issues. When I began working with HATS I was hesitant because I am very timid, but now, after working with HATS I feel more comfortable speaking in front of other people.
Grace Silva
I have been with St. Christopher House for a few years now. I take part in the English language classes and with HATS. I enjoy the social interaction that takes place working with the HATS group.
Gam Tran Age: 72
I enjoy music and interacting with others. Working with HATS provides the opportunity to interact with other of my own and of other cultures too! Working with HATS has brought me much happiness.
Hanh Nguyen Age: 72
Working with HATS has brought me happiness. I have a more positive attitude and have gained self-confidence too!
Herminia Leonardo Age: 63
I have been with St. Christopher House for many years and enjoy it very much! My involvement with HATS has been a success, since I have made many friends, not only in our community, but in others as well. Considering my experiences here, I believe that the time here has been time well spent!
Hieu Huu Huynh Age: 85
I really enjoy interacting with all HATS players. I have a hearing problem but it doesn't prevent me from playing and performing with my peers. I want to continue working with HATS because it helps me a lot in observing and identifying many aspects of life which I barely knew about before.
Huong Tran Age: Over 70
My experience with HATS has made me a happier person. Our work is able to tell the government about the needs of immigrant seniors in the society, and reflect the reality of the community.
Iria Vieira
I joined St. Christopher House 35 years ago, and my commitment to the house remains as strong as it was then! I am also a member of PW55+. More recently I have enjoyed working with the theatre troupe called HATS, and would like to continue working with them, maintaining the commitment to promote social action and whatever issue we deal with.
Isabel Figueiredo Age: 87
I love St. Christopher House and all the people in it! St. Christopher House is an Oasis! Working with HATS we are fortunate to be able to interact and form friendships with people of other cultures who do not always speak the same language!
Lihn Hong Nguyen Age: 72
I have gained happiness and a healthy life, by working with HATS. Action theatre is a useful tool to use in order for us to raise our voices and let government know about the needs of seniors.
Manuela Mendo�/font>a Age: 59
In 1994 I came to St. Christopher House for help, and today I am the one helping! I teach a sewing class, am part of members' council, and am a member of HATS. Some of my best moments have been the times spent here at St. Christopher House with HATS!
Duc Vong Banh Age: 69
I've only been in Canada for 2 years and I think am really lucky for the opportunity of getting to know all the HATS players. I think that HATS is a very good program for seniors. All the plays we do reflect a real life situation as well as society problems. I like the fact that people of all generations can learn so many useful lessons from these plays. I'm proud of myself for being a member of HATS.
Maria Moura Age: 59
I have been with St. Christopher House for many years. I participate in the sewing class and I am part of the HATS group for the past 3 years. I really enjoy my time with HATS. HATS brought more happiness in my life. I like all HATS players and I think we have learned tremendously from each other.
Dam Tran Age: 72
I've become an actor, through my work with HATS! I have learned about various issues, about the Canadian culture and about other cultures. This experience has enriched my social supports and my relationships with people in other communities.

Natercia Correira Age: 60
I have been with St. Christopher House for many years. I participate in the English language classes and am part of the HATS group. Throughout my time here I have learned a lot from and with others and have enjoyed myself too!


Dang Tieng Age: 84
I enjoy music and acting, therefore I enjoy working with HATS. My experience with HATS has brought me much happiness. I feel connected to the community.


Ngo Tu Age: 88
I am a social person, and enjoy music. My participation in HATS has increased my confidence and my social supports.

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